is born from the environmental ideas of the team, which dedicates its commitment to the research and production of new 100% ecological and sustainable plastic materials. 

Our goal is to sensitize new generations to plastic waste.

Emanuela Gatto

PhD in Chemical Science, researcher at the Department of Chemical Science and Technologies of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. All her research activity is based on the study of the potentials related to materials extracted from natural sources and rooted in the idea that all of nature’s opportunities are always more efficient than synthetic alternatives. CEO, project manager. CEO, si occupa inoltre dell’individuazione, scrittura e coordinamento di progetti.

Valentina Armuzza

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, specialized in material and organic chemistry, specialized in the study of alternative synthetic processes related to “green chemistry”. She worked on the synthesis and characterization of peptides and is currently working as a chemist. At SPlastica she attends to research and project activities.

Raffaella Lettieri

PhD in Chemical Sciences, specialized in the physical-chemical characterization of biological macromolecules with potential applications in the fields of medicine, environment and sustainable chemistry. She takes care on the synthesis of new bioplastic materials, converting design requests into products.

Graziano Massaro

Master Degree in Economy, chartered accountant and auditor. As CFO he is responsible for all economic aspects of the SPlastica s.r.l. In particular, he is focused on the company’s budget analysis and financial management, the development of commercial and strategic agreements, the management of relations with consultants and external collaborators as well as the management and protection of intellectual property, fundraising and planning of the necessary investments.


An innovative startup that is focused on research and development activities in the agricultural sector, developing farming systems based on aquaponic technology applying industrial criteria with low environmental impact. It was founded by two projects engineers and a business manager. Regarding SPlastica, Agri Isaland takes care of the GO-TO-MARKET strategy.

Giordano Ferrari

Pierpaolo Lacquaniti

Andrea Moresco

Dott.ssa Emanuela Gatto
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Università degli Studi di "Tor Vergata"
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